Grounds Rising

On former railway-owned grounds the “New Heart of Altona” is being built with a public park that is meant to integrate heritage protected relics. Only that past residents from crafts, art and music who had made use of the formerly neglected landmark buildings are definitely not meant to be integrated in the new rise of the area.


Filmfest Hamburg 3.October 2016 at 11 am I Metropolis Filmforum der Nordischen Filmtage Lübeck am 3.11. at 4:15 pm, Cinestar I 5th Dehli Shorts International Film Festival 2016, 6.11.2016 I Indian World Film Festival – 17", 18.3.2017 I 33. Internationales KurzFilmFestival Hamburg I Stockholm Independent Film Festival, official selection I Werkleitz Festival Nicht mehr, noch nicht", So 22.10.17 I Asian Film Centre-Global Fest 10.11.17 I

Kurze Zukunft I Baugrube 360

Brief Future

In the longterm observation of the Große Bergstraße in the quarter Altona in Hamburg activists, shop owners and artists of the surrounding neighbourhood describe the massive changes within their street. At the recent occassion of the first Ikea store within a central area of a city different visions and interests on urban development emerge. Demolition and new construction remind of already shattered gentrification strategies of Germany’s first pedestrian zone.

Premiere at the Filmfest Hamburg 5.october 2015, at 10:30 pm, Metropolis, Kleine Theaterstrasse 10, Hamburg

Nordic Film Days Lübeck I 6.11 at 10.15 am, Cinestar 7, Lübeck

VISIONS DU REEL Media Library 2016

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Festivals und Screenings:

Nordic Film Days Filmforum Lübeck I 29.10 at 10:45 pm

kommunales Kino Freiburg I 16.10.14 at 7:30pm

Festival des Libertés – Bruxelles I video library I from 15 October 2014 I

Forum intercultural week Elmshorn I 17.9.14 I at 6pm I Rathaus Elmshorn, Personalkeller, Schulstraße 15-17, 25335 Elmshorn

Metropolis Hamburg I 2.7.2014 at 7pm with the guests Heide Sanati (Flüchtlingszentrum Hamburg) and Abdulla Mehmud (Diakonie / Flüchtlingsforum Lübeck ) I 4.7.14 at 5pm

dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg 10.4.2014, 3001 Kino Hamburg

Media Library VISIONS DU REEL, Nyon I 25 avril – 03 mai 2014

Fourteen people share their stories of fleeing from their native countries. By foot, on boats or with the help of escape agents, they were chased away by war, toxic gas, torture, fear and hunger. Some are still kids, strong only through the courage of despair, led by their hopes and wishes. Their personal stories of and experiences with their arrival in Hamburg, in the county of Pinneberg, in container camps, sleepless nights and the struggle with paperwork intertwine with a “banning space”, which subjects them to registration, restrictions and controls which are often a means to send them back either soon or sometimes even after decades.



Eine filmische Langzeitbeobachtung der Brücke der S-Bahnstation Veddel verdichtet in 12 Minuten Beobachtungen eines Jahres auf einen Tag. Der Ort des vorübergehenden Aufenthalts und der flüchtigen Begegnung bildet einen Laufsteg des Alltags in einem Rhythmus aus Warten, Stillstand und schneller Bewegung.

Gasthof Worringer Platz I FERNSEHZIMMER im Ticket-Center des Fernbusbahnhofs Düsseldorf I Opening: 29. january 2014, 7pm I 30. January – 06. April 2014

F O R E I G N I S S U E S Films by women from Germany & Austria curated by Dagmar Kamlah September 14, 2011, 8 pm MassArt Film Society, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston

Videoprojektion im Rahmen der Ausstellung Aussicht auf Veränderungen, vom 09.09. – 03.10.2010, Ehemaliges Restaurant, 1. Etage, Neue Große Bergstraße 18, 22767 Hamburg

Die kunstrechnungsliebende Societät

The League of Passionate Accountants

on arte Creative

freedom roads I Münchner Stadtmuseum, 25.10.2013 – 23.2.2014

The records of the „The League of Passionate Accountants“ and the activities of wandsbektransformance – presence of the colonial give insight into the transatlantic slave trade of the merchant Schimmelmann.

Artists: Judith Haman, Gordon Uhlmann, Jokinen, Claudia Behling

zwischen welten

in between worlds

Festivals & Screenings

exDox – Experimental Documentary Film Festival I Across Day, 6.10.11, Cinema Arsenale in Pisa I ZEIT Online

Installation Stadtbücherei „Carl von Ossietzky“ I Königstrasse 56, Elmshorn I 26. September bis 8. Oktober 2011 / 9. bis 21.September 2013