STPOSTPO Sommer 2022SandläuferSandlückenfauna


17:11 min / uhd / 5.1 / dcp /d 2023

The water comes closer and washes away the sand. A grain of sand is made of quartz, chemically silicon dioxide, and is two hundred million years old. The surf throws the sand onto the beach. The wind blows it inland.
Nothing remains as and where it was in the transition zone between water and land. The once smooth transition has become a hardened line of confrontation due to massive dike construction following land loss from storm surges. The sea rises, the land sinks. It is now separated from the water only by an edge.
Protecting the coasts is vital. Alongside experiments with steel and concrete, sand spits and shifting sand dunes visualize the coastal landscape of the future. They are soft edges with which the researchers want to break the force of the waves and allow the land to grow. Conservationists worry about preserving open sandy areas as habitat. Dredges are being used to secure biodiversity and coastal habitats.
Beneath the surface, however, the smallest sand dwellers meander among the grains of sand without having to move a single one.

with Prof. Dr. Karsten Reise, Dr Annkatrin Weber, Sabine Gettner, Patras Scheffler, Björn Mehrtens, Monika Povel

Director, Camera, Editing: Doro Carl
Screenplay: Elisabeth Rapp, Doro Carl
Sound: Stefan Prehn, Jörn Staeger
Music: Peter Imig, Ron Henseler
Soundmix: Roman Vehlken
Colorcorrection: Judith Zastrow
Titeldesign: Georg Krefeld

founded by MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein

Premiere at Nordische Filmtage Lübeck Sunday 05.11.2023 at 13:15 pm at Stadthalle 7, Southeast Academy International Film Festival (SEAIFF) – BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY for the Month of November, Dubai Film Festival 24 – Honorable Mention, Ecozine Film Festival 11.4.2024, Anatolia International Film Festival, CINEMARE Int’l Ocean Film Festival KIEL 25.4.24, Iconic Images Film Festival, Nefiltravanae Kino, 4th Kerala Short Film Festival 2024 (India), FICS – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Santarém 16.5.24, Cinema e Ambiente Avezzano 18.6.24, Mei International Film Festiva (India)l,19.7.24, Los Angeles Movie and Music Video Awards 2024